• Paquita Purnell

My inspiration

These are my little princesses Kylia and Christiana. They are so precious and very girlie lol. As you can see they have tons of beautiful natural hair which they both were born with a head full of curly hair. The heart burn was so bad while I was pregnant with them both. Kylia is a middle schooler now and Christiana just turn four years old. Kylia keeps me informed of what is trending now for her age group. Kylia is a sweetheart and artistic just like her mama. Christiana is Ms. Diva personified. She is sassy. She loves dresses and skirts and I can barely get her to put on a pair of pants. They both love tutus and hair accessories. I'm always looking to see what I can create to make them feel special and valued. In a world, where little girls are made to grow up quickly and look grown up. I chose to let my little girls be just that little girls. Enjoying dressing up in tutus and bows as long as they can or willing to do. Being their mom is the best.

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